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How do I Choose a Commercial Real Estate Broker? standard

If you’re a business owner, the chances are you’ll be considering leasing a property. It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow, but as your business grows and develops, the likelihood is, you’ll want a more permanent base for you and your team. Whether you’re in the infancy of creating your own business, looking at leasing your first property, or have a well-established company that you’ve built and wanting to move to, you’ll need assistance from a commercial real estate broker. And, selecting the right broker is one of the most important decisions you’ll make regarding your real estate. The reality is, the industry is saturated with commercial real estate brokers, and it’s often difficult to choose one ...

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Mistakes to Avoid When Leasing standard

How to avoid common leasing mistakes any business tenant can make without proper guidance Whether you are relocating a growing business or moving into your first brick and mortar, signing a commercial lease is a major business decision and a huge financial commitment for business owners. Unfortunately, some business owners aren’t focusing on the most important details when leasing. These mistakes in leasing can be costly – even detrimental – to the life of your business.  While relocating your business shouldn’t be too frequent, it’s important to understand that landlords, attorneys, and property owners deal with commercial leases on a regular basis. With this advantage over business owners, it’s paramount to avoid the common leasing mistakes that tenants make. Mistakes ...

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Types of Industrial Real Estate Properties standard

Many people use the terms commercial real estate and industrial real estate interchangeably. Although similar in comparison, there are vast differences between the two.  Offices, retail strips, apartment complexes, and hotels are common images that come to mind when discussing commercial and industrial properties; however, industrial real estate focuses more on where the goods are made and shipped instead of the end-user. In other words, industrial properties are business to business; while commercial properties focus on delivering a product or service directly to the consumer. For property brokers and owners, industrial real estate properties tend to be a more stable, long-term investment. Common Types of Industrial Real Estate Properties Manufacturing At a most basic level, manufacturing plants produce large volumes ...

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How to Improve Your Business’ Curb Appeal standard

Tips on enhancing the curb appeal of your business to make it more attractive for clientele A first impression is a lasting one, especially in the business world. In many cases, we get caught up in the everyday routine of business and overlook small details that could have a big impact on the way a business is perceived. A clean and tidy business exterior is a great way to make a positive impression on customers without breaking the bank! Just like with residential customers, we encourage our commercial and industrial property owners to maintain curb appeal – even when they are not selling.  Simply put, the outside appearance of a property is a reliable reflection of the business on the ...

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